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Door With Grill Gate

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Door With Grill gate
Door With Grill gate
The outer layer of the door slab is tough tested quality single solid M.P plate of 12 mmto 64 mm thickness. It is further fortified by a composite 105 mm thick layer of double duty barrier material and layers of flame and arc resistant alloy and hardned steel plates. Which provide depndable protection again fire and attack of power drill, oxy-acetylene flame and are cutting. The total thickness of protective layer is strong over vital parts and is in verticle position with un-pickable locks with high precision. Superior quality dual control 10 lever 3 locks with stainless steel body and brass levers.
Tested quality 6 mm (“c” Type) or 10 mm (“L” Type) thick M.S plate bent angle door frame. The door frame is reinforce along the hight and width for strength and rigidity. A “Box Rebate” is plug welded to the frame to provide strong support for shooting bolts. Dual protection is providing over the entire lock case area.
The door is provided with 12 shooting bolts (each of 38mm dia)  six at area, which slides behind the tough “Box jamb” rebate. These bolt can be activated simultaneously by the movement of the handle.
It is special designed as per the weight of door slab with solid polished M.S bar of 75mm & futher given the hardness process to work properly & easily for the lifetime. It is mounted vertically as well as horizontally & fitted with heavy strong bolts on the door & frame. It has speal pressurized adjustable bolt to give proper & easy opening.
Superior high quality combination automatic Re-locking system.
The grill gate is constructed with heavy round 20mm bars at staggered pitch and secured with high processions 8 levers unpeaceable lock operating on both sides provided with stainless steel keys in duplicate.
Sr.No Discription Outside Dimention Inside Dimention Weight
1 Door With Grill gate ("L" type) 6'*3'*6" 5'*2'*6" 600
2 Door With Grill gate ("L" type) 7'*3'*6" 6'*2'*6" 700
3 Door With Grill gate ("L" type) 7'*4' 6'*3' 800
4 10M.M Door 6'*6'*3" 17.30 900
5 12M.M Plate 6'*2'*6" 60.00 800
6 64M.M Thickness 7'*6'*4" 6'*6'*3" 900